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As industry stalls, Togo's sales skyrocket 9.2% with agency's new ad campaign and sandwich creation.

While Togo’s Sandwiches was once a familiar, west-coast favorite, recent years saw competition in the category hit an all time high. Togo’s found that it was no longer top of mind for its once loyal customer base, resulting in quarter after quarter of declining sales.

The ensuing top-to-bottom consultation provided by S&P resulted in one of the most impressive QSR turnarounds of recent history. While May saw industry sales flatline, Togo’s sales in advertising markets increased by 9.2%.

More than anything, we realized that rebuilding Togo’s brand interest would be reliant upon manufacturing desirability. This meant going so far as to develop a proprietary hero product, “The Pretzelrami”, that would be featured in an all-inclusive campaign centered around the theme “How Far Would You Go For A Togo?”.

Here's some of our work and the process that brought us there.



"Doggy Drone" :30


“Duct” :30



Our TV and video works to capture the fanatical love people have for Togo's. Within a month, organic YouTube views totaled well over 2 million with an online completion rate 60% higher than the restaurant industry norm.



Our process began with a logo redesign, featuring a simplified color palette and a new tagline, “True to the Sandwich”, which spoke to important brand pillars such as devotion to quality ingredients and generous portions. As Togo's had been using the same mark for decades, the new logo rejuvenated the brand while maintaining recognizability.This emboldened style was translated across product packaging and other place of purchase materials, revitalizing employee uniforms, in-store decor, and window clings.



The campaign was rounded out with a high-performing, two-pronged digital initiative, bringing an eye catching illustrative style and hunger inducing food photography to programmatic banner ads. Our hand drawn animations stood out from photography laden social feeds and web pages, resulting in industry-beating click-through rates.


Product Placement & Influencers

With a shoestring media budget, our placements were designed to stretch each dollar to its fullest extent. As Togo’s restaurants are predominantly located in Northern California, we partnered with the San Francisco Giants to ensure reach and relevance to our audience. Alongside running our ads, we implemented in-game live reads, product features, and customized animations like the “How Far Would You Go” home run tracker. To extend our reach, we also paired with top-industry food influencers, encouraging them to share their first taste. It was love at first bite.


SF Giants Pre-Game Product Placement


SF Giants "How Far Would You Go?" In-Game Feature


 Influencer @lafoodieguy shows the love to his audience of 244k followers.


The Results

Our campaign has completely revitalized the brand – producing a massive lift in sales, an ecstatic network of franchisees, and an extremely grateful board of directors. Furthermore, the "Pretzelrami" became the brand's number one selling sandwich within just one month of its introduction.