The Classics: Notable work from S&P's creative archives


our team has helped build some of
the world's most iconic brands

Below is our collection of lauded campaigns from S&P's early years, as well as
game-changing spots from Rob Siltanen's personal creative reel. Enjoy.


Rob Siltanen's "to the crazy ones" manifesto launched "Think different," the apple campaign that went on to become a hallmark of modern advertising.

The campaign won the grand effie award for the most effective advertising in america, and the spot won the Emmy award for best commercial of the year.


S&P's principals, Rob Siltanen and Joe Hemp, were responsible for creating some of Nissan's most successful and celebrated advertising.

Under their direction, Nissan outsold its rival Honda for the first time ever, an accomplishment they repeated for three straight years. Siltanen & Hemp's work for Nissan won countless creative honors, including Gold and Grand Effie Awards. Their spot, "Toys," remains one the most highly-awarded car commercials in history. It was named commercial of the year by TIME, Rolling Stone, USA Today, and Adweek.


Rob's "Own One and You'll Understand" work for Infiniti is the most highly-awarded work in the brand's history.

It won the International Automotive Advertising Awards (IAAA) "Best Luxury Car Campaign," and led Infiniti to three straight years of record sales and profits. Entertainment Weekly named the commercial titled "Half" one of the ten best of the year.


Siltanen's "Invisible man" spot delivered Levi's a Gold Clio and some of the highest awareness scores in the brand's history.

Levi's had been seeing its products fall out of favor, to some extent, with a new generation of consumers. To help reverse course, this uniquely provocative commericial leveraged visually-arresting production techniques and revitalized interest in the brand practically overnight.


The "Celebrate Humanity" campaign Siltanen devised for the 2000 Games artfully captured the spirit of competition.

Even following the 1996 financial scandal that put the International Olympic Committee in hot water with its sponsors and the public alike, the 2000 Games brought in record-setting sponsorship dollars–a feat that the IOC itself attributed to the strength of the promotional campaign's messaging. The commercials ran globally, and were translated into 18 different languages.


S&P made advertsing history when our "Baby Bob" campaign was adapted into a prime-time CBS sitcom.

One of S&P's first clients was an internet service start-up called Our commercials introduced the wise-cracking Baby Bob as the brand's spokesman. The campaign became an instant sensation–flooding the brand's website with so much traffic that their servers routinely crashed. CBS took notice of Bob's wild popularity and purchased the character from S&P to appear in his own 2002 show.


S&P's "Live Large, Drive Small" campaign improved Suzuki's perception in 27 out of 30 categories.

Suzuki had long struggled in the US automotive market because of the reputation it had for inferior quality and sluggish performance. Siltanen & Partners worked to change that. As measured by the GFK Image Study (a syndicated, industry-standard report including every automotive brand), our campaign produced the largest perception lift seen to date. And in 2011, Suzuki sales increased 32% in the markets the campaign ran in.


S&P's "Smart MOVE" CAMPAIGN delivered hyundai record image gains and the most successful sales quarter in its history.

When S&P worked with Hyundai, they were a far cry from the familiar brand they are today. A reputation for cheap quality reputation haunted them, despite actually manufacturing some very solid vehicles. S&P successfully counteracted these outdated perceptions by putting Hyundai models head to head against not comparable vehicles, but top luxury brands.


For EPSON printers, S&P delivered a big-time impact on a shoestring budget.

A novel campaign we created for Epson advertised its printers' features by doing something radically simple–keeping the camera trained on the paper tray. With the lowest production costs a brand could ever hope for, the campaign increased sales and shelf share and was carried over to several markets outside the US. Notably, our spot titled "Jetpack Cheetah," garnered over 1.3 million YouTube views.


S&P's campaign for Gateway increased sales, profits, and marketshare in every quarter it aired.

Reversing years of declines, our fun-loving work for Gateway Computer featured the company's founder, Ted Waitt, alongside a tech-savvy talking cow.


S&P's campaign helped Madden 2004 become the top-selling sports video game of its time.

We worked with EA Sports and the NFL's top players to make Madden 2004 a gaming sensation. Zoning in on its unique "Playmaker" feature, our messaging promised the most realistic and engaging gameplay yet.