S&P's advertising for Coldwell Banker ranked "Most Effective" for seventh year in a row

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Year after year, Ace Metrix effectiveness studies recognize our work as the top performing in the real estate industry.  

In 2011, Coldwell Banker, one of the nation’s largest real estate companies, hired S&P to help it recover from the thralls of the housing crisis. Unemployment was up, money was tight, and property values had fallen for 57 consecutive months.

In a shaken industry used to hard-selling houses as wise investments, S&P positioned Coldwell Banker as a brand that truly understood the emotional essence of home. The tone of our communications became the envy of real estate, with experts from the National Association of Realtors remarking that the Coldwell Banker work set a new bar for the industry at large. 

As the housing sector has recovered, S&P has helped Coldwell Banker continue to lead the pack. During our tenure, the brand's dollar sales volume has increased from $153 billion to over $242 billion and the brand now leads in website visits (per Comscore) and social media engagement (per Klout). Advertising effectiveness studies from Ace Metrix have shown S&P's work to be real estate's best for seven consecutive years. And in the last few years, S&P is proud to have created and marketed a charitable initiative for the brand, The Homes for Dogs Project: a program that's facilitated over 20,000 dog adoptions. 


Our commercial created for broadcast in the 2018 March Madness tournament, "Hoops." 


We shot key scenes of "Hoops" in portrait orientation, as well, allowing us to extensively version out the concept for each platform's best practices. 


"Old Dog, New Dog" promoted Coldwell Banker's charitable initiative, the Homes for Dogs Project, it its most expansive year yet.  


For our 2018 Coldwell Banker work, we employed industry-first production and post-production techniques to customize our marquee commercials for the thousands of individual Coldwell Banker brokerages across the country.  


"Somebody to Love" celebrated Coldwell Banker's Homes for Dogs Project reaching a milestone of 20,000 dog adoptions. 


Early in S&P's tenure with the brand, the honest and emotional tone of commercials like "Your Home" helped elevate Coldwell Banker beyond the stodgy real estate ads of the time.  


"Our competitors hate our work for all the right reasons. S&P crafts a creative message they can't compete with and they can't emulate."

– David Marine, CMO, Coldwell Banker

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