S&P named "Business Partner of the Year" after successful rebrand for Pei Wei.

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Packaging Design



We helped a struggling Asian restaurant chain come back to life with a roar. 

Pei Wei’s store traffic had been declining for four straight years when they reached out to S&P. They had long struggled against a much larger, more recognized Asian chain in Panda Express, and Pei Wei’s leadership knew that aggressive steps needed to be taken... and quick.

Deciding to go head-to-head against Panda Express on its top selling dish, Pei Wei prepared to add Orange Chicken to its menu for the first time ever. S&P was happy to adapt this confident approach into communications just as bold, creating a new “Tiger” spokes-animal who would playfully challenge its “Panda” counterpart for Asian food superiority. As part of a 360-degree brand refresh, our efforts gave Pei Wei their first traffic increase in four years, rising 13% practically overnight. What's more, Pei Wei recognized S&P as its 2018 "Business Partner of the Year" for the cornerstone role the agency has played in the brand's revitalization.



S&P executed a logo evolution that dovetailed with our new campaign while remaining recognizable to existing customers. Our new tagline, “Asian done a better way,” was crafted to memorably reiterate the brand name, the type of cuisine and Pei Wei’s superior quality in relation to key competitors.

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