In 2011, one of the nation’s largest real estate companies, Coldwell Banker, signed S&P as AOR. At the time, of course, the U.S. was very much still in the thralls of recession. Unemployment was up, money was tight, and property values had fallen for 57 consecutive months. Many real estate companies were reeling, unsure of the way forward in highly uncertain times.

From the outset of our partnership with Coldwell Banker, Siltanen & Partners sought to tap into the true power of homeinstead of hard-selling houses as wise investments. We communicated emotions and situations that deeply resonated with real people, serving to break through decades of real estate marketing sameness. The rest is history.

For five years straight, our work has topped the category in effectiveness, and has helped propel Coldwell Banker to icon status in its industry: the brand now hold #1 spots in everything from sales volume to social media engagement.