We created TECH'S MOST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING for the world's largest retailer.  


Since the beginning of our work with Amazon in 2012, S&P has repeatedly created the most effective advertising in the technology sector. The e-tail giant first approached us as a challenger in the tablet market, unsure of how to market their capable new device, the Kindle Fire. We recommended honing in on a unique point-of-difference, the "Mayday Button," which instantly put users into contact with an Amazon service representative.

The client appreciated that our messaging dovetailed perfectly with Amazon's customer-centric ethos, and our Kindle Fire work was ranked as the #1 most effective mobile technology advertising of 2013 by Ace Metrix, beating out noted marketers such as Apple and Samsung. Our efforts would again top the tech category in 2015, when marketing its successor, the Kindle Fire HD. 

The team at Amazon was excited to leverage the cost efficiencies of our in-house production company, City of Angels, which has produced virtually all of the commercials comprising the Fire campaigns.