Grocery Outlet








S&P helped a discount grocery Chain improve its image and skyrocket its sales. 



Grocery Outlet is a grocery chain with more than 250 stores across the Western states and throughout Pennsylvania. While loyalists loved Grocery Outlet for its incredible bargains, other potential shoppers were turned off by the store's name and reputation for poor quality. After identifying the brand's strengths and messaging shortcomings, Siltanen & Partners developed a campaign designed to win over naysayers and excite existing advocates.

Our video executions demystified Grocery Outlet's unique business model using lively and approachable spokespeople. Leveraging S&P's in-house production capabilities, our team took great care to present the stores as vibrant, clean, and welcoming on film. In additional collateral– whether online, outdoor, printed, or in-store– we prioritized produce and freshness imagery to enhance quality perceptions and equate Grocery Outlet with more traditional grocers. 

The campaign garnered serious results in record time. In the first three months that our work has run, same-store sales have increased 8%, despite a media reduction of 20% compared to the year prior.