The Homes for Dogs Project







We said, "Everybody deserves a loving home."

20,000 dogs agreed. 

In 2015, we turned attention to the extraordinary place that dogs hold in our hearts and homes. Our agency ideated and executed a grassroots initiative that partnered Coldwell Banker's extensive agent network with the nonprofit. The Homes for Dogs Project was born. For the project's launch, we developed a marquee broadcast execution to air during the Oscars, titled "Home's Best Friend." In the short week prior to its official premiere, our extensive PR and teaser efforts garnered 3 million views for the spot across YouTube and Facebook.

Content created for the Homes for Dogs Project would not only go on to rank as the real estate industry's most effective communication of the year, but also served to galvanize the Coldwell Banker network to an unprecedented extent. Agents across the country leveraged their social media accounts to find homes for 20,000 dogs well ahead of the campaign target— and created valuable, authentic connections to their local communities in the process. 

With our early efforts having surpassed the adoption milestone and generated significant outcomes for agents, we were tapped to refresh the Homes for Dogs initiative for 2017. Our narrative-based kickoff commercial, "Somebody To Love," scored as the most effective real estate ad ever tested by Ace Metrix, and even received a higher likability score than any ad appearing in Super Bowl LI.