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We leveraged viral content and a powerful global network to create Coldwell's most awesome campaign yet. 

In a year where solid real estate advertising came from industry stalwarts and tech startups alike, we were challenged to construct a campaign that could break through the messaging clutter and make the absolute most of Coldwell Banker's media dollars.

We achieved this first by hunting down some of the most cute, touching, and funny videos the internet had to offer– and fashioning them into creative executions that captured the meaning of home with unprecedented authenticity. In addition to a specialized broadcast execution, we placed these branded home videos into the natural media environment for viral content: YouTube preroll. 

We then took to social platforms to encourage submissions of user-generated photos and videos from Coldwell Banker's global network of more 80,000 agents (and their considerable social followings)– amounting to an evergreen supply of charmingly raw and real content.